Kinder – 12th Grade Christian Academic Solution

Creating WARRIORS for Christ, who can defend themselves and others, physically, mentally, and spiritually.



Summer Academy

Our Summer Academy is filled with educational and fun activities that are guaranteed to add value to your child’s summer!



Evening Programs

Martial Arts, Dance, Gymnastics, and/or Parkour are the disciplines offered to our clients.


High Profitability

Warriors Academy is profitable in several ways. From a financial perspective, having income streams from multiple sources, provides a great living to the owners.

Turnkey Systems

Everything we do is systemized, making the operation of a Warriors Academy streamlined and easy to understand.

No Sports Experience Needed To Operate

We will train you in everything you are interested in. As a franchise owner, we will develop you and your staff, or you and your staff, giving you the opportunity to become a black belt in martial arts, as well as business.